How to Win in Andar Bazaar, which is also known as Pakistan’s version of Las Vegas is a combination of old world charm with modern glitz. Andar Bazaar is one of the major tourist destinations in Pakistan. It attracts millions of foreign tourists every year. Located on the Pir Sohawa River, Andar Bazaar boasts of a wide variety of markets that feature everything from knickknacks and souvenirs to electrical gadgets and clothes.

Many of these markets are family-run businesses run by old women who live off what they earn from selling the wares in the bazaar. The women are extremely friendly and helpful. There is no trash cans to throw away your garbage in Andar Bazaar. Cleanliness and hospitality are very important here.

If you’re looking for some great places to eat, Andar Bazaar offers many great eateries. Some of these restaurants have been serving the local population for over two decades. Some of these places are:

Jamboree Restaurant serves South Indian food. Drinks and desserts include coconut water and rice. The Jamboree menu has an extensive list of dishes served with rice, fish, chicken or mutton. Some of their most popular dishes include: Sambartha (recipe with chicken), Halwa (sesame based dessert), Tuli (pickled fruit), Pista (coconut chutney), Pickle (pickled mango) and Maalpua (pickled banana).

Sarafina Jamboree has some of the best Pakistani food in town. It offers local and regional delicacies at affordable prices. The Sarafina menu includes items such as: Baba Ganouj (beef stew), Chhota Dosa (rice/starchy soup), Chhatriyota (traditional side dish of wheat), Maalpua (pickled banana), Saag (hot dry raisins), Chikna (chow mein), Dilbar (braised meat dish) and many more. They serve some of the best local and international dishes.

Tarafina is a small yet cozy restaurant that specializes in Greek foods. The menu features a variety of dishes from Greek classics like Chickenoupi, Kouloura or tzatziki to vegetarian fare such as grilled vegetable kebabs and salad with olive oil. The bar serves cocktails and wine.

Kairali is a fast-paced restaurant. From the moment you step in the bazaar, the ambience becomes one of excitement and activity. Once inside you immediately smell the spices and the dishes that are preparing inside. There are many stalls selling local, South Indian and Pashmina wares. The atmosphere in Kairali is extremely vibrant and lively.

Tarafina and Kairali are fast becoming popular tourist destinations in Andar. Tourists from all over the world visit this small town mainly for the bazaar. Once inside, one cannot help but be enthralled by the sight and smell of the busy bazaar. Some of the most famous dishes here include the typical South Indian ‘Achaar’, ‘Chhena’ and’Pai Samrat’. There are many other local delicacies that are also available.

The restaurant at Andar has been equipped with the latest technology. This enables the food lover to get the most out of his/her dining experience. One can sit back and relax while watching the cooking techniques on TV. If someone wants to ask for a particular dish or more information on the cuisine, there are several customer care representatives who are available at all times to cater to customer needs. The restaurant staff and chefs are extremely friendly and helpful.

There are two restaurants in this restaurant that are open for breakfast and lunch. There are buffets being served all day long. The buffet at Andar is replete with some of the finest South Indian delicacies.

If you wish to shop for your favourite gourmet food items, there are several carts in the bazaar. These carts are available for pick up and drop off at your convenience. Apart from the regular food that is being sold here, the restaurant offers some unique delicacies which are not available anywhere else in Goa. Amongst these specialty foods are the rice puff, banana chutney and poppadoms. You can also choose from a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

The Andar bazaar is located near the beach. People passing by will definitely notice your wares and you will surely attract many customers. To serve you the best, the restaurant has its own chefs who are experts in their field. In order to experience the best, you must make an appointment to dine at this wonderful restaurant. The prices are reasonable and you will find yourself easily won over by the delicious fare offered.

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