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Montessori Begins at St. Agnes @1968 Michaela Galasso's 1st private school in her home @ 1968 or 1969 IMG_2486

Montessori Children's House 1973-74 Montessori Children's House A.M. Class 1983-84 Montessori Children's House 1983-84 P.M. Class

IMG_5100 IMG_3301 copy 977KB mom kidsIMG_3738 MARK SINGING WITH KIDS CROP IMG_3736 CROP

We have a large catalog of Montessori Children’s House yearbook photos that we hope to add soon, but this is a good start to a long overdue update documenting  the beginnings and history of this remarkable Montessori School that impacted the lives of hundreds of children for over 45 years. In August 2012, the Louisiana Montessori Association gave it’s first Lifetime Achievement Award to Michaela Galasso Williams in recognition of her achievements and contribution to education in Louisiana. Michaela is one of four Montessori pioneers who started Montessori in Louisiana.



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